August 23


Cost savings guaranteed with cleantech

By Enisa

August 23, 2021

At GENiUX, our purpose is centered around achieving a cleaner today for a greener tomorrow, whilst achieving cost reductions. As an integrated utilities provider, we offer holistic embedded clean technology infrastructures (CTI) to a range of developments – both suburban and remote. From commercial and residential, through to industrial properties, we design and orchestrate the coming together of smart solutions to offer a truly integrated approach with the added benefit of guaranteed reduced costs.

As an example of a residential development, there are 3 ways we reduce costs;

  • By using the renewable energy we generate you can save 15% of the Synergy A1 tariff;
  • As we own and operate the plant that generates the renewable energy, we maintain, insure and run it at our own cost. This is a cost that your strata company does not have to wear.
  • Upgrades, replacements, repairs of the plant are at our cost. As the renewable energy generation plant ages, if the economics are right, we will replace it ensuring renewable energy supply to you. This does not cost you a cent.

To find out how you can benefit from the integration of our cleantech solutions, drop us a line on

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