About Us

Who we are and how we do it?

At GENiUX, our purpose is centered around achieving a cleaner today for a greener tomorrow.

We are a smart solutions-focused group. As an integrated utilities provider, we offer holistic embedded clean technology infrastructures (CTI) to a range of developments both suburban and remote. From commercial and residential, through to agricultural and industrial operations, we design and orchestrate the coming together of smart solutions to offer a truly integrated approach. This unique capability is what sets us apart and positions us as an industry leader.

GENiUX also provides asset generation, asset management and fund management services. 

With this capability, we can embed CTI’s at reduced upfront capital costs and look to drive utility efficiencies that result in reduced on-going operating expenses.

Our approach and why we do it?

Our core focus is based on an ethical approach of driving distributed clean technology utilities to reduce expenses and improve environmental and social outcomes. We believe that the key pillars to a cleaner future collectively include sustainability, technology and community, each playing a vital role in building a greener, more utility-efficient tomorrow.

What sets us apart

At GENiUX, our approach is innovative, forward-thinking and always ahead of the game when it comes to smarter utility solutions in the market. We work with local and international technologies that are leading the way in the cleantech industry and suppliers that are best-in-field. To date, we are proud to have worked on some of the most cutting-edge projects.

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