Is your organisation prepared for Net Zero Emissions by 2050? 

As we prepare for a cleaner healthier future, governments, businesses, investors and citizens will all be required to contribute to Australian and Global Net Zero Emission targets. At GENiUX, we are committed to helping our clients prepare for this low-carbon future. We can take on your entire utility provisioning and allow you to focus on your business. To get you started on the path to a net zero strategy, that is commercially viable, we invite you to complete our FREE online Assessment Tool.

Are you ready for Net Zero 2050?

What we do

At GENiUX we can take on your entire utility provisioning

Utility is everything from water, waste, energy, data, communications through to transport - an integrated, clean technology, infrastructure utility model. GENiUX is able to provide both the Clean Technology Infrastructure solutions you require, along with the solutions to finance, including full asset ownership and operation by GENiUX.

GENiUX provides asset design and generation, asset management and fund management services. With this capability, we embed CTI’s at zero upfront capital costs and drive utility efficiencies that result in reduced on-going operating expenses.

Commercially Viable

Sustainability doesn't have to come at a cost. GENiUX delivers commercially viable projects, with enhanced financial returns and reduced sustainability risks. 

Proven Technology

We work with local and international technologies that are leading the way in the cleantech infrastructure industry. 

Sustainable Model

Our core focus is an ethical approach of driving distributed utilities to reduce costs and improve environmental and social outcomes. 

We can reduce operating costs up to 20%

GENiUX delivers clients a holistic, sustainable solution, with the aim of reducing ongoing operating costs by 20%.  So, you get the best of both worlds; a significant uplift in sustainability and a significant decrease in operating costs.

We invite you to book a consultation with one of our sustainability specialists to learn how this can apply to your project.

why we do it

Be competitive in a Low-Carbon future. 

At its core, GENiUX is an asset generation and management business, and that asset is clean technology infrastructure that makes solid commercial sense. We believe that the key pillars to a brighter future collectively include sustainability, technology and community - each playing a vital role in building a greener, more utility-efficient tomorrow.

Increasingly companies are being asked by clients, investors and government to achieve low to neutral carbon operations. We can deliver the engineering, procurement, and commissioning, through to ongoing management of those assets over the contract life to help you achieve this and stay ahead of the competition.

We take the risk away from our clients

At GENiUX, our approach is innovative, forward-thinking and always ahead of the game when it comes to smarter utility solutions.

We don’t just design and install clean utility infrastructures, we also provide a holistic asset ownership and management model, freeing our clients of all associated infrastructure risks. 

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